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Pupil IHSWe currently work in Inverness High School and look to work again in the Black Isle. Through our Project Development Worker and in partnership with school staff, we provide an additional and informal support to young people in school in order to help meet their emotional, spiritual and practical needs.

With so many students to help, Learning Support are always grateful for another pair of hands and our Project Development Worker can serve in various different ways.

Do we preach?

No. We are open and honest about our ethos and our roots in Christianity and we try to answer any questions that young people may have. We are clear with them that we welcome, value and respect them all regardless of their beliefs, faith or background.

However, our Christian faith does enable us to be part of a team for Chaplaincy and taking School assemblies if that opportunity arises. You can get more information about RE resources here...

Explore (11-14's)

request.org.uk/ (for pupils, teachers & Chaplains)

www.yfcschoolsconnection.co.uk/ (Teachers, Chaplains and Youth Workers)



Elevate Web

In churches we are able provide support for church Youth Workers with resources, holiday events and visiting teams such as Nomad, Stance and The Sense.

We train volunteers and encourage initiatives which link generations in mutual respect and understanding...find out more about volunteering here.

As we follow our calling and work to introduce young people and their families to Jesus, we then explore with them what following Him as part of a community of faith might look like.

This is where Highlands and Islands YFC are actively looking to encourage a growing partnership with local churches who are ready to encourage young people into their church families. We want to see young people encouraged in exploring what faith in God means through seeing people of their own age alive with enthusiasm for Jesus.


In the community

We support whatever youth work is being undertaken by Highland Council or other bodies to work together to help young people to see that they are valued. We encourage young people to engage in their community by becoming involved with projects that help other people in need.

CYC ASC Poster update Spring 2018

Our most recent venture has been partnering with the local Christian Youth Centre (CYC) formly known as Inverness YMCA on Bank Street.  Here we are providing leadership and team support for an After School Club which currently functions 3 times a week.  This important group provides local young people with a safe place to go after school.  We are keen to give the young people opportunities to try new skills, crafts and some sport activities and board games.  There is something for everyone, and we have a small dedicated team who get alongside the young people offering them support and engagement. 





 Past examples of this have been "Dig Your Heart Out" and "Wash Your Heart Out".  For "Dig Your Heart Out" a local community was asked to nominate a neighbour who may appreciate some help with their garden, funding came from local sponsorship, then a team of young people moved in for two days to provide a 'garden makeover'.


"Wash Your Heart Out" offers free car washing.

Detached youth work can just be 'hanging out' with local young people at the park or bus shelters. "The young people have been so welcoming to us when they realise that we don't want to complain about them, but get to know them instead."